AT Firmware for the Texas Instruments CC2531 6LowPAN USB Dongle.
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Contiki get Started:

Using Contiki OS for development (We’re using version 3.0, since 2.6 doesn’t have compatibility for the CC2531 USB drivers and 2.7 has a bug that crashes the controller when utilizing IPv6)
  1. Get the latest Contiki Image
  2. Get Started
  3. Contiki CC2531 example


  1. How to flash with Contiki-2.7
  2. CC2531 Dongle and Contiki
  3. Contiki Documentation
  4. Registerdefinitions for CC253x used on Contiki
  5. CC253x User’s Guide
  6. How to build the 8051 SDCC Toolchain manually
  7. Contiki Network Stack
  8. Contiki RPL UDP

Important files to look into (Contiki OS 3.0)

Main configuration

  • core/contiki-default-conf.h - Default configuration that get’s loaded in Contiki
  • platform/cc2530dk/contiki-conf.h - Platform specific configuration that get’s loaded in Contiki


  • core/net/netstack.h - The networking stack interface of Contiki
  • core/net/dev/radio.h - Low-level radio interface for Contiki
  • core/net/ip/uip.h - Basic IP communication in Contiki
  • cpu/cc253x/dev/cc2530-rf.h - Low-level radio driver for the platform

USB Communication

  • platform/cc2530dk/usb-serial.h - The serial USB Driver for the platform


  • platform/cc2530dk/contiki-main.c - Initialization routines for the platform (Setting up drivers, etc.)