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  PHENOM 8dae60bc16 Anonymized files. 11 months ago
  PHENOM 89651bb584 Added imgui, basic lighting system, Doxygen file, seperated the engine as static library from the game project 1 year ago
  PHENOM 039171cce6 Added Freetype, SOIL, Reordered directory structure 1 year ago
  PHENOM 72201b841d Abstraction for key callbacks added, changed .h to .hpp, worked on the Camera class, use include instead of pragma once 1 year ago
  PHENOM 18e71a8874 Added Live Shader re-/compilation 1 year ago
  PHENOM 7581372db2 Shader corrections 1 year ago
  PHENOM f7d980b392 Added phong shading light model 1 year ago
  PHENOM 0a6887c449 Basic project structure created 1 year ago
  PHENOM dae93faafe Added Blender projectfiles 1 year ago
  PHENOM 6b65060120 Added ShaderFileLoader 1 year ago
  PHENOM 3fe68f2228 Added correct Release Configuration 1 year ago
  PHENOM 9afca7f323 Added Assimp 3.3.1 1 year ago
  PHENOM 4ba4eea447 Initial Commit 1 year ago