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PHENOM 1f6d92460c Added abandoned Notice 3 years ago
PHENOM b21793905d Changed Tablelayout for correct markdown rendering on Gitea. 4 years ago
PHENOMICAL 45b4dda59f Updated to the latest Discord.NET version and corrected a few things. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL b9c189a391 Oops! 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 6a07bc4c64 Updated Readme, Splitted Precoditions to a file. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL d1c92a226e Preparing for Sharding support. Added Owner Precondition. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 0ac24a9f79 Bugfixing, Connection error handling. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL f6ad278f03 Added Buildserver Integration. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 16cd0eee57 Removed private permissions handled now from DMs, Better OOP design, Reorganized folder structure. Updated Readme. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 965a634319 (Almost) complete rewrite! 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 1591aab58b Added my Discord Guild Join Info. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL b155fa2736 Updated the README.md, Added more functionality in the permission system. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL cf6cb251b0 Added helper functions. Added NuGet.config for correct dependency handling. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL f077a28966 More Permission updates. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 8b5e3e2ebb Complete rework of Database and the Permission System. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL bae60837e4 More database updates. Needs now testing and implementation. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 45e07a1a42 Database Changes. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 0857be2c90 More Database Updates! 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL e7df6813d8 Preparing for MySQL support. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 4f9865888f Port to NET Core accomplished, updated to recent Discord .NET API, added help command. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 79de779240 Added NET Core Omegle submodule. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 597c65f818 Preperation for Port to .NET Core 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 1f69d907e6 Changed a lot of the base structure, added an yet very crude Logger. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 0acdc9bc6b Removed Packages. Updated to 4.6.1 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 92a4db31a7 Submodule and dependency corrections. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC d135cf9b96 Added dot-omegle as a submodule. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 7902030527 Implemented new admin commands! 5 years ago
PHENOMIC a5641bb1d7 Omegle error handling added. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC a772d3efc7 Corrected README.md 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 1e6138b757 Added basic session timeout handling. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC b048c95d18 Corrected README.md 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 2d16f159ab Updated Readme. Added basic templates for the missing commands in the omegle module. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 9a08d2b28a Updated Newtonsoft.Json, using now the Asynchronous Omegle Interface, added an admin clean command for deleting omegle channels. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 3e751b59ac Added better command reading. Can utilize topics now. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 1a9d8c6b04 Added reconnect function. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 7d03ca2076 Auto-removal of channels. Beginning with the implementation of the SessionManager. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 1f1c937e82 Reply's do work now! 5 years ago
PHENOMIC a784fee7fa Added OmegleSession and some basic functionality with .omg chat 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 789c499909 Added basic command system. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 63381c59cf Aaaaand more .gitignore corrections. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 2d9e2c4017 Added .gitignore corrections. 5 years ago
PHENOMIC 55b5697a9e Added missing .gitignore 5 years ago
PHENOMIC bb4ff2e9ca Initial Commit! Very basic bot functionality given. 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL 2384b6465a Set theme jekyll-theme-slate 5 years ago
PHENOMICAL a6428d3f96 Initial commit 5 years ago