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  PHENOM bf8e7707c6 Added missing Schematic 1 year ago
  PHENOM f657c7797f Added Circuit Board 1 year ago
  PHENOM e6bdc57d1f Added CommandWriter to handle the Protocol, created SerialConnection Wrapper 1 year ago
  PHENOM aa2e14d202 Added basic Go Client, implemented serial command protocol, added writing to cartridges 1 year ago
  PHENOM 4505e321fc Beginning with Timer Implementation 1 year ago
  PHENOM d2e42eee56 Initial Commit for overhauled Reader 1 year ago
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  PHENOM f2957a81fb Switched CI to Jenkins from Drone 1 year ago
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  PHENOM 6beecdc281 Modified CI 2 years ago
  PHENOM e5dce88dfd Added drone CI 2 years ago
  PHENOM ac2266d3b9 RAM Reading is working, but RAM writing seems not. 4 years ago
  PHENOM 82062fc003 Updated wrong file Structure. 4 years ago
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